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General information about Berezne Museum of Local Lore (Berezne)

The Berezne Museum of Local Lore is located in the former house of landowner Mykhaylo Malynsky, built in 1902-1903 in the classicism style.

5 thousand exhibits tell about the history of Berezne region from the earliest times. In particular, an iron sword and an arrowhead of the XIV-XV centuries, objects of the Cossack era, are presented.

The interwar period is characterized by documents, photographs, household items, books that belonged to the destroyed Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, icons from the Roman Catholic Church.

One of the halls is dedicated to modern decorative and applied art.

Березнівський краєзнавчий музей розташований у колишньому будинку поміщика Михайла Малинського, побудованому в 1902-1903 роках у стилі класицизму.

5 тисяч експонатів розповідають про історію Березнівщини з найдавніших часів. Зокрема, представлено залізний меч та наконечник стріли XIV-XV століть, предмети козацької доби.

Міжвоєнний період характеризують документи, фотографії, предмети побуту, книги, що належали до зруйнованої Різдво-Богородичної церкви, ікони з римо-католицького костелу.

Одна із зал присвячена сучасному декоративно-ужитковому мистецтву.

Practical information about Berezne Museum of Local Lore (Berezne)

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Categories Architecture, Museum / gallery
Date of foundation 1981
Hours of work 09:00-17:00, Friday - 09:00-16:00, Saturday and Sunday - by prior arrangement
Address Kyivska Street, 8


Coordinates 51.0033333° N, 26.752181° E Copy icon Coordinates copied
Phone +380 68 336 4272, +380 3653 54 869, +380 3653 56 219,
Email ,
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Cost adults - UAH 50, schoolchildren - UAH 30
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Аccessibility information

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According to the institution

- There is no parking for people with disabilities

- From the stop g / t to the entrance are signs:

- Distance from the public transport stop to the entrance to the building:
257 m

- Width and height of the "corridor" of the path from the public transport stop:
2 m, 10 m

- Coverage of the pedestrian path from the public transport stop:

- On the way from the stop g / t there are obstacles:

- Width of space in front of the entrance to the building:
5 m

- Information plate is placed at the height:

- The entrance is arranged on the same level with the ground:

- The entrance is equipped with stairs (width, height, circle, material):
740 cm, 12 cm, 5items, плитка

- Stairs have:
No data available

- The entrance is equipped with a ramp (width, length, angle):

- Dimensions of the area in front of the door (width, length):
90*60 cm

- Door type:

- There is a threshold in the front door:
4 cm

- Aisle width:
118 cm

- Free space in front of the rack / window not less than 1.5 m * 1.5 m:

- Parameters of the rack or the lower edge of the window (height, width):
There is no rack

- The rack is well lit:

- Installed induction loop:

- Assistive FM hearing aids available:

- Installed a mnemonic of the building:

- Available information about the museum's inclusiveness:

- Floor material:

- Width of free passage in corridors:
300 cm

- Passages with an inclination of more than 3 degrees:

- Minimum width of passages and doors:
110 cm

- Maximum threshold height:
1 cm

- Number of exhibition floors:

- Internal stairs have:

- Pointers to the main premises:

- Tactile navigation:

- Places to rest:

- Accessible place for swaddling the baby:

- Height of placement of exhibits:
74 cm

- Height of signatures to exhibits:
No data available

- In front of the exhibits there is free space (width, length):
немає відповіді cm

- Videos are accompanied by subtitles:

- Provided tactile exhibits:

- Available audio guide:

- Premises are equipped with an induction loop:

- There are formats for different senses:

- The exposition includes stories, works of people with disabilities:

- There is no toilet for people with disabilities

- Admission for the accompanying person is free:

- Allowed entry with a guide dog:

- Support service available:

- The museum's website meets the requirements of web accessibility:

- The museum has its own corporate identity (identity):

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