Inclusive Travels in Ukraine

Inclusive Travels in Ukraine:

accessibility of Ukrainian museums

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, we have created a catalog of museum institutions in Ukraine, which contains a detailed description of the available conditions and facilities for the reception of all visitors, including people with disabilities and representatives of low mobility groups. The aim of this project is to make domestic tourism in Ukraine more accessible to all.

The project "Inclusive Travels in Ukraine: accessibility of museums of Ukraine" seeks to help everyone choose the museum where they can physically accept and provide the necessary services in an accessible form. To do this, we collect a database of museum institutions with a detailed description of the conditions for the reception of visitors from among low-mobility groups and people with disabilities at each facility.

The project is implemented by a team of like-minded people, which brought together IT specialists, tourism experts, specialists in universal design and community activists with experience in implementing inclusive projects with the financial support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The Museum Fund of Ukraine has more than 2,500 museums, reserves and other museum-type institutions of various forms of ownership and subordination: state, communal, departmental, private. In addition to performing cultural, educational and research functions, museums are also an important part of the tourist infrastructure, have a significant impact on the tourist attractiveness of the regions, and in some places directly form tourist flows. But the level of inclusiveness of these cultural institutions remains mostly very low, which largely determines the low level of barrier-free domestic tourism in Ukraine as a whole.

Improving the legislation governing the adaptation of cultural heritage sites for the needs of people with disabilities and low mobility groups is among the tasks of the National Strategy for the creation of barrier-free space in Ukraine until 2030. But it is already possible to provide comprehensive information to the interested audience (communities of people with disabilities, young parents, organizers of children's tours and inclusive tours) about which museum institutions in Ukraine are ready to receive all categories of visitors who are already working in this direction. so far remain insufficiently hospitable. This information will allow any user to quickly and easily plan their trip to Ukraine or organize leisure in their community without the risk of facing an insurmountable obstacle, barriers to communication and the need to personally clarify all important details by phone.

To do this, we have created a site developed in accordance with web accessibility standards, which contains information about museums and reserves in all regions of Ukraine with a detailed description of the conditions for receiving visitors of all categories, as well as a simple and convenient system for searching and selecting them.

How it works

An objective assessment of the level of accessibility of museums is carried out according to the methodology developed by experts in the field of architectural accessibility, spatial inclusion and universal design in accordance with current state building codes and taking into account UNWTO recommendations. On the pages of museums that have passed this assessment, its results are presented in the block "Information on accessibility".

Details of the measurement results can be seen in the drop-down lists, and the generalized estimate for each parameter is represented by the corresponding mark:

Check circle icon – this parameter meets the basic standards of accessibility;

Alert triangle icon – the minimum level of inclusiveness on this parameter is provided;

X octagon icon – according to this parameter the object is inaccessible to less mobile visitors.

Using filters in the lists of museums by region or city, you can select only those museums that have an acceptable level of accessibility for three categories of people with limited mobility: wheelchair users, people with visual impairments, people with hearing impairments. Additional filters allow you to sort museums by individual accessibility parameters, such as the availability of inclusive parking or inclusive toilets. In this case, only those objects that have a "green" or "yellow" level of availability for the relevant parameter will be issued.

The "own assessment" filter allows you to select all objects that have an assessment of the level of availability. Anyone can also join the monitoring of the availability of museum institutions by clicking the "Fill in the availability level questionnaire" on the page of any museum that has not yet been evaluated, and by filling out an electronic questionnaire after taking the necessary measurements on the spot.

Additional source of information about the accessibility of objects in the future will be the feedback and comments of users of the site.

Project team

Marian Savka

Co-author and project manager

Photo by Marian Savka

Co-founder of CIGen, software architect with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, software development and implementation of projects and components for various business needs, including the Ukrainian travel portal Doroga.UA.

Andriy Tychyna

Co-author and editor-in-chief of the project

Photo by Andrii Tychyna

Journalist and professional traveler, author of tourist routes in all regions of Ukraine, board member of the Association of Hospitality Industry of Ukraine, host of the program "52 Weekends" on "Ukrainian Radio", editor in chief of the National Tourist Portal Zruchno.Travel, co-founder of the Travelers Club "NavkoloUA".

Oksana Vekhetek

Co-author and project manager

Photo by Oksana Vekhetekh

TV director, producer and project manager, co-founder of the Travelers Club "NavkoloUA", co-founder of the Doroga.UA travel portal.

Volodymyr Vysotsky

Consultant on the architecture of inclusive spaces

Photo by Volodymyr Vysotskyi

Expert in architectural accessibility, co-founder of the universal design studio ORFO, member of teams for the implementation of urban and architectural interventions, consultant on architectural accessibility, analyst in the field of social impact of creating a barrier-free environment and urban health.

Maria Nikitina

Inclusion expert

Photo by Nikitina Mariia

An experienced specialist in the field of building accessible space for free movement of people with disabilities and low mobility groups, since 2009 she has been actively involved in the social movement among people with disabilities, head of the organizing committee of the International Inclusion Forum in Chernivtsi.

Kateryna Strazhir

Volunteer group coordinator

Photo by Kateryna Strazhyr

Expert in tourism and project management, owner of the travel agency "MAxDI TRAVEL", head of the tourist information center "Gate to the Carpathians", member of the public organization "Council of Women's Initiatives", deputy of the Beregomet village council.

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