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Гора Аю-Даг, Партеніт
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Ayu-Dag Mount

Natural object


Mount Ayu-Dag, which protrudes into the sea between Pertenit and Hurzuf, is the most famous relief of Crimea.

This 577-meter-high extinct volcano was formed about 150 million years ago by the injection of magma into faults in the earth's crust.

The name Ayu-Dag is translated from Turkic as "Bear-Mountain", which is explained by the characteristic shape that resembles the back of a bear that has lowered its head into the water. According to legend, Allah turned into a mountain the Great Bear-Avenger, who refused to destroy the settlement of unruly jinn in the Partenite Valley.

The top and slopes of Mount Ayu-Dag are covered with deciduous forest, foxes, badgers, stone martens, hedgehogs, hares, squirrels, and bats are found here. The ruins of medieval buildings have been preserved, which testify to the existence of a fortified settlement.

At present, Mount Ayu-Dag is a landscape reserve, excursions are conducted with visits to archaeological monuments.

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